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Vintage Kilim Pillow Cover

Size: 16x16inches (40x40cm)


Each of the kilim pillow covers is cut from a vintage Turkish kilim, so no two pillows are ever exactly alike.

Front of the case made from a hand-woven kilim, 100% wool. Back is 100% cotton and there is a zip to put filling or inserts. 

(Please note that inserts are not included)


Actual kilim was a dowry piece, made by a girl bride-to-be. It was made in a small town of Anatolia, Turkey in 1960-1970s. It has never been used and kept in a dowry chest. (A typical Turkish tradition)

Handwoven, handcrafted, vintage - not only the kilim pillow covers bring some history and style into your home, they all have meaning and can tell a lot about where they came from or about the person who made them. Each small pattern has its special meaning, soul and history. 

If you want a piece of unique, craftsmanship of beauty in your home, this pillow case is what you are looking for. 

They are great as bedroom or couch pillows, but can also be used for lots of different purposes, like table toppers, placemats, and even wall art.

Kilim Pillow

SKU: VP4406
29,90 лв.Цена
  • •Just brush to remove loose dirt and dust. 

    •For blot spills, use a dry cloth at once.

    •Spot cleaning to remove stains

    •Non colourfast treatment recommended.

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